Meet Professor Ying-Ying Chang

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A moving, illuminating memoir about the life of world famous author and historian, Iris Chang, as told by her mother. Iris Chang's best-selling book, The Rape of Nanking, forever change the way the world viewed the Second World War in Asia.

  • "In this brave memoir you will share in the celebration of a life, allowing us to experience her presence again. Full of courage and conviction, full of life." —Richard Rhodes, from the Introduction
  • "The Woman Who Could Not Forget is a moving, superb book." —Jim Lehrer, host of PBS Newshour
  • "This is a brave and serious book, a worthy memorial to a brave and serious daughter." —Simon Winchester, author of The Professor and The Madman
  • "Read this book by her mother and you will know Iris Chang as the courageous woman she was." —James Bradley, author of Flags of Our Fathers, Flyboys, The Imperial Cruise

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